LOOSE TOUCH Live Debut Video Shot At Etoile Boutique

Aaron Borowicz and Tyson Bodiford was a new band called Loose Touch and they are a total fuzzy scorcher. They made their live debut as a four member band a few weeks ago. I was out of town so I missed it. I saw some quick clip videos on social media and sounded raw and fuzzy. When I spoke to them they didn’t have any plans for any other shows. Hopefully that will change soon.

The members are long time friends with Fallon, owner of vintage shop Etoile Boutique (2424 E. Robinson St Orlando), who just began a new video series called Petite Etoile (translated “small star”), where musicians and bands set up in their store and filmed by top notch videographers. The Loose Touch video is the third to be released. Previously sessions included The Sh-Booms and John Lee Wyatt. This session was directed by Forest Royer with Loose Touch performing as a two-piece. Take a look!

Loose Touch Instagram Bandpage
Petite Etoile Etoile Boutiques YouTube Channel


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