About Kick Bright


Kick Bright Zine was created by Jeffrey Howard in 1996 as an online webzine separate from a print zine/comic called But It’s A Good Insane. It mainly focused on personal stories, concert reports, record reviews and artwork/photography. The term blog had not even been invented but basically that’s what early Kick Bright was.

June 2023 will be the 27th anniversary of Kick Bright, making it one of the longest running webzines in internet history. Print issues of Kick Bright are published from time to time with exclusive content not available online.

Jeffrey along with his wife, Kristin Howard, are the band Hot Hands. Since 2006 the duo have played shows across Florida and have toured extensively across the United States, released several CDs and cassettes independently. Their YouTube channel chronicles places and events they traveled and saw.

In August 2015 Jeffrey and Kristin opened their first physical store in Orlando, Florida called Kick Bright Shop & Buttons inside a repurposed mall Artegon Marketplace selling vintage clothing, buttons, records, Kick Bright zines and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The entire building closed in 2017 so the two joined the growing market scene, traveling across Central Florida as well as other parts of the state. At the end of 2022 they opened their second physical store in the Milk District, just east of Downtown Orlando along Robinson Drive.

You can contact Jeffrey at kickbright@hotmail.com.