Show Report: Auto Chlor, Hi-Fi Envelope, Snotnoze Saleem @ Uncle Lou’s Orlando FL

Auto Chlor, Snotnoze Saleem, Hifi Envelope
@ Uncle Lou’s – Orlando, Florida.
Sunday February 12, 2023
Show report and photos by Jeffrey Howard.

Every once in a while LA resident and former Orlandoian Tim Murray brings one of his musical projects back to Orlando. This year it’s Auto Chlor and he brought together the electro sounds of Hifi Envelope and hip hop artist Snotnoze Saleem.

Hifi Envelope brought the electronics and synths ever evolving from sound to sound, blurring the lines between where songs begin and end and begin again. He was backed by the visuals of Broken Machine Films with dual screens in the background

I wasn’t familiar with Snotnoze Saleem. It was one person and a microphone with backing tracks. The set started off a little slow but ended up being pretty cool and HEAVY.

Auto Chlor (Tim) enlisted the assistance of Tony Mauss as hype-person and button masher as Tim sang through vocal pitch-shifters high and low. The substance fueled performance was entertaining and surprisingly well orchestrated. Glad to see Tim back in town.

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All photos are copyright by Jeffrey Howard.
Please don’t display elsewhere, unless you credit them and link back to Kick Bright.
Thanks 🙂


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