Rock Fight Threatens to Return to Destroy Orlando


What you need to know is Rock Fight is the best and worst show event of the year and if you are in the Central Florida area you need to go! It returns Friday April 13th at Wills Pub in Orlando, Florida. It’s like American Idol but for punks, rock & rollers and maybe even some troublemakers. A bunch of brand new or fake bands will play three songs and be judges by a panel of punks, rock and rollers and maybe some troublemakers. Will they love it? Will they hate it and humiliate them? So far there’s been one named band: The Richard Spencer Blues Explosion. See where I am going?

The last Rock Fight somehow the band Kristin Howard was in (Nasty Paps) were the winners/losers. Some will say Gay Love was robbed. They may be right but things don’t go the way they should.

A lot of other bands went on to become real bands after Rock Fight so amidst the chaos you might see the superstars of tomorrow. Hot Hands made their their debut at Rock Fight way back in 2006. Others include Melt Face, Blood Laser, Gooch and the Pervs, Me Chinese and some others I can’t remember.

What: Rock Fight
Where: Wills Pub – Orlando, FL. 1042 N Mills Ave.
When: 9pm, $5
How much: Free

Facebook Event Page.

Kick Bright Death Cab For Cutie polaroid published in Billboard Magazine


A photograph of mine will be published in Billboard Magazine in relation to the Pulse mass shooting in Orlando. It will be in the July 2nd issue on newsstands everywhere. The online version is at the link below.

It’s for an article detailing the history of the building before Pulse when it was called Dante’s. A lot of bands, famous and not so famous, played there including Death Cab For Cutie, Groovie Ghoulies, New Roman Times and Oxes. If you are a long time Kick Bright reader then you remember many show reports from there.

Pictured (left) is all the members of Timonium, Swirlies, Brittle Stars and myself just outside the main entrance of Dante’s/Pulse Nightclub in 2000.