Attack of the Supermarket Flirts

This is a short film called “Attack Of The Supermarket Flirts” made in 1999 by Kristin Howard when she was in the 10th grade. She put together some commentary to introduce her project and shows the film. There is one original song at the end where Kristin is playing rock guitar and sings, Her brother Eric is on drums.

The Sonora Pine – Full Live Show 9/15/97

I have a new YouTube video out today.

This time out it is the entire show of The Sonora Pine that I filmed in 1997 at Sapphire Supper Club in Orlando, Florida. The video has been sitting on my shelf so I thought I’d share it with anyone interested.

I added in some commentary at the beginning including showing some of the unique merchandise I bought from them at their table.

The original review of this show (with Tsunami) is here:

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